Services & Rates

Below you will find a comprehensive list of our services, their prices, and a brief description of what each service entails. If you would like to learn more about the service, please follow the links provided.

Content Editing

What IGP will provide through content editing is a detailed look at your story overall. We will focus on how your story flows, character consistency, and any other inconsistencies that disrupt the reading experience. We want your story be as cohesive and clear as possible. A more detailed list of what is included can be found here.

Once you contact IGP, through email or the contact form on our page, we will discuss your work. To make sure that IGP is a right fit for you, we offer a one-time free reading of the first 10 pages.  After that, we will go head and move forward with the process.

Pricing: $0.0065/word


IGP offers a broad span for promotions including cover reveals, release blitzes, blog tours, release party hosts, and many more. If there is a specific type of promotion you were looking for, but is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can come up with a package that is a perfect and unique fit for you and your book. Learn more about our promotions here.

We find it important to set our prices for every author. We know how expensive it can be to publish and promote a book independently, and we want everyone to have an opportunity to share their product with the world. 

Prices begin at $25.

Pre-Made Covers

Pre-made covers are a great way for independently published authors to purchase a book cover on a budget. IGP uses purchased stock photos and creates unique, beautiful covers for everyone. Each cover posted on the site will only be sold once and then removed permanently.

The covers are shared with a title and color scheme, however can be modified for whatever works for you. Extensive changes may increase the flat-rate fee shown. Check out our pre-made covers here.

ebook cover pricing: $50

Paperback cover pricing: Beginning at $80

Logos and Other Graphics

It's important for an author to have a logo that represents them. Something that will greet visitors with they come visit your pages. IGP has a selection of pre-made logos and would be excited to work with you to create a logo just for you. Click here to check out our gallery. 

Each logo can have changes, such as color and font, however extensive changes may cost more. Each logo will only be sold once and then promptly removed from the site. 

Logo Prices: $10-$25

Graphics are such an important part of sharing you and your book with the world. Whether it be a teaser, a banner, an ad, or swag. All are equally important to present to your followers. 

Each graphic will be discussed to ensure it matches your ideas and your brand. Click here to check out some examples and more details about our graphics. 

Graphic prices begin at $5.