Content Editing

What is content editing?

Content editing is when a professional goes over your book with a fine tooth comb. While reading, a content editor will be looking at your story as a whole and how it flows. It will be an in-depth read that covers all facets of your novel's framework. 

A content editor should be given your book once you have finished your first draft and brought your novel as far as you can. Then they will catch things like inconsistent character behavior/speech, style issues, readability, and more. 

What isn't content editing?

Content editing is not a copy editor, beta reader, or proofreader. While some of these may overlap into content editing, they are not the main purpose of a content editor and should happen at different stages of your writing process.  

What this service entails.

While reading your novel, our content editor will be focusing on plot holes and consistency, pacing, setting, and characterization. We strongly believe in sharing every emotion and every thought while reading your novel. Did we fall in love with a certain scene? Did we laugh out loud at a specific line? Did we love a part so much that we think it should be a teaser? Did we stumble over a sentence that caused us to slow the reading process? Were there moments that didn't captivate us or pull us in? 

These are all important questions that we feel every author should have answers to. We find it important to share the good along with the bad. If there ever comes a moment that we feel didn't work for the story, we offer suggestions as to not leave you hanging. Constructive criticism is key in this process. Once the author has all the information, they are able to decide which comments and suggestions to dismiss. We would hate to see something and not point it out, and then no one points it out, except for a reader once it has been published and it is too late to change. 

It's okay to call us over-sharers when it comes to your book! 

Also included in each edit will be a summary about each category we focus on and an analysis of the book overall. Once all the information has made it back to your hands, IGP will not leave you adrift. We are always here to discuss any questions you may have had with our comments and feedback. 

To get started, head to our contact page and let us know what you are looking for. To ensure that we are a right fit for you, and your book is a right fit for us, we will do a free ten page sample, usually returned withing a 48 hour period. Then, we will move on from there. Pending the length of the book, most content edits take about one to two weeks. 

Pricing: $0.0065/word ($325 for a 50k word book)